Public Deliverables

Deliverable 5.1 - Neurosimulator "ANNarchy"

This deliverable describes the developed neural network simulator ANNarchy. ANNarchy particularly supports an independent development of distributed neural network models and an easy interface for neural network design by a Python interface. The core of the library is written in C++. The deliverable is composed of the following parts: A general introduction that describes how the deliverable is linked to the project, an interface description followed by a short example and finally by a documentation.


Deliverable 6.2 - Raising public awareness

To increase the public awareness of the European project "SpaceCog", a number of activities have been set up, which are summarized in this deliverable. The activities promote the project via different media channels. These are a publicly available website, demonstrations within the universities of the partners, press articles, visual media like television broadcasts or YouTube videos, and demonstrations for the audience outside the partner's universities. This deliverable focuses prominently on activities addressing the general audience.


Deliverable 7.1 - Web page and literature database

This deliverable summarizes two major tools created for the European project SpaceCog, the web page and the literature database. The web page serves as a place to disseminate the results of the project, therefore to make them publicly visible to interested researchers in the field of cognitive systems or robotics and to the industry as potential beneficiary of the project in the future. Furthermore, the web page will provide a tool to manage files and other knowledge of t he project and to coordinate the consortium. The second tool, the literature database, provides the relevant literature for each field in a summarized way and should gather every new literature which will be created during the project period. This is inten ded as a common basis for training and education the member of the consortium as well as students. This knowledge pool is of major importance in such a multi - disciplinary research team as in the current project. As it should be easy to use and install for everybody, we choose a professional tool: Zotero


Confidential (Non-Public) Deliverables

Confidential deliverables are accessible for the members of the consortium via the following link.